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Prohibition of pig - Middle East Fragments

About Gulf Japan Food meat importers Prohibition of pig Islam is that you are forbidden to eat the pig is well known. However, even if living in the Arab Islamic world, with inadvertently to, sometimes panic pork is not unobtainable. If you find the available route is very expensive. Still, not bad once you get used Chinese food without pork. As a Japanese If patience forced, or will are you on how the Westerners in the inseparable relationship with pigs, such as the pig of relatives. Probably fingered brute strength and artifice, pig also must have brought nor drinks. Westerners who have been trampled the Arab of the country in the military boots is, in silence and Yes? Yes pig also unlikely to also give up alcohol. Prohibition of eating pork is clearly stated in the Koran, the same also who read, there is no room for any or this or discussion. What ordered the prohibition of eating pork is the following sections. Translation of the Koran is due to [the Koran] (Chuokoron-Shinsha 00). (.) God just to ye, forbade what was slaughtered by the carcasses and blood and pork, and the name of a person other than God anymore.