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About Gulf Japan Food meat importers Shiites Shiites (Arabic: الشيعة, Latin transcription: ash-Shī'a (h)) is one of the Islam of the two major sects, with the second of the force. The other is a maximum force is a Sunni (Sunni). Century was the caliph Ali and only its descendants, have the agency who is qualified to the prophet, claiming to have the right to successor the duties of [the Islamic community (Ummah))] of [leader (Imam)]. [Shia] and is Thea is a common noun, which means the [partisan] in Arabic, the people of the early Shiites, [Ali faction] ((شيعة علي, are derived from what was called the Shī'ah 'Alī). After becomes to mean faction with the word up = Shia marked with just definite article Sier (ash-Shī'a), was established as the name of the denominations. Shii to a person belonging to the SEER (شيعي, Shī'ī) and say, means the Sunni congregation corresponding to the people in accordance with the Sunnah (Sunni). Therefore, the same in Japanese, the Shia or Shii of subjecting the word [faction] is [faction faction], and, strictly speaking, it is a repetition of the word.